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Introduction to Accident Investigations


This is a moderate level, evidence based program designed to teach the supervisor what to do from the time of a reported accident/injury through the final determinations.

Who should attend:

• Managers and supervisors.
• Newly promoted managers and supervisors who are responsible for program compliance.
• Safety, security, or management personnel who are responsible for enforcement of company policies.


Supervisors will gain an in-depth knowledge of what to do in accident situations, such as:

• Conducting an on-scene investigation.
• Interviewing witnesses and obtain witness statements.
• Documenting and diagramming the accident scene.
• How to recover evidence.
• How to review company policies and equipment documentation.
• Developing evidence based support of conclusions.
• Preparing a final report, making a root cause determination and support for that determination.
• Application of policies and procedures.
• Application of Workers' Compensation benefits when violations of safety policies/procedures.
• Conducting an on-scene investigation.
• Post-accident evaluations and recommendations for changes to policies and/or procedures.

Introduction to Accident Investigations - Compliance & Safety Management

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