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Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training - FAA


This program is designed to meet the criteria for 14-CFR-121 (I) & (J). The program teaches supervisors how to recognize signs and symptoms and how to make and document observations leading to a reasonable suspicion determination.  We will also review the F.A.A. Drug and Alcohol Regulations 14-CFR-121 (I) & (J) and will have an overview of 49-CFR-40. 

Who should attend:

• Managers and supervisors.
• Newly promoted managers and supervisors who are responsible for program compliance.
• Safety, security, or management personnel who are responsible for enforcement of company policies.


This program is designed to:

• Help managers and supervisors meet DOT compliance training requirements.
• Demonstrate how and when to do a reasonable suspicion/cause testing.
• Teach why there is a need to do reasonable suspicion/cause testing.
• Identify if someone is unfit for duty and what to do.
• Utilize the Four Steps of Constructive Confrontation and Documentation.
• How testing is conducted.
• The difference between non-mandated (policy) testing and mandated (regulatory required) testing.
• The reporting process, including lab and medical review process.
• Removal from Safety Sensitive Duty, SAP Process, Return to Duty and Follow up Testing.
• Document preparation including Management Observations, witness statements, clinical reporting, Incident Reports, Accident Reports, and other relevant documentation.
• Evidence collection, chain of custody management, transfer of evidence.

Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training - FAA - Compliance & Safety Management

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