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Introduction to Workplace Testing Non-DOT


This is an introductory program designed to introduce workplace drug and alcohol laws, policies, and procedures to the attendee.

Who should attend:

  • Managers and supervisors.
  • Newly promoted managers and supervisors who are responsible for program compliance.
  • Safety, security, or management personnel who are responsible for enforcement of company policies.
  • Workers' Compensation managers.
  • Claims managers.
  • Administration/Human Resources personnel.


Upon completing the class, attendees will have a basic knowledge of the following:
  • Employer and employee rights.
  • Workplace drug testing standards.
  • When a drug test is appropriate.
  • The types of testing that may be administered.
  • How testing is conducted.
  • The difference between non-mandated (policy) testing and mandated (regulatory required) testing.
  • The reporting process, including lab and medical review process.
  • Colorado Workers Compensation Testing Requirements.
  • Document preparation including Management Observations, witness statements, clinical reporting, Incident Reports, Accident Reports, and other relevant documentation.
  • Evidence collection, chain of custody management, transfer of evidence.

Introduction to Workplace Testing Non-DOT - Compliance & Safety Management

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